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Space is limited to only 4 doctors (5 for special exception).  This small group course has been taught for over 6 years strong, and is done to ensure the true immersive nature of the program and the quality of your training. In large group training programs, a lot of real-world individualized training goes missing, to include learning to 3D CBCT surgical plan each case.  This can happen as in most cases the instructors, to save time, have to pre-plan the cases themselves rather than the participant.  Therefore, unfortunately participants are mainly learning the basic aspect of flapping "drilling holes and placing titanium" without any regard to surgical or final prosthetic planning.                                       

During this program, participants will obtain confidence as they surgically and prosthetically plan every case utilizing 3D CBCT virtual planning software, and present to the faculty to enhance this comprehensive immersion live patient surgical training.  Using a step-by-step "science cookbook recipe" Dr. Lastimado provides, participants from beginner to advanced level  will tackle implant surgical cases ranging in complexity.  Patients and surgeries range from anterior sites, extraction with advanced GBR - LPRF with  immediate placements, failed implant removal and re-placements, ridge split-expansion and immediate placements, vertical sinus lifts to full arch placements for over dentures,  connective tissue and advanced soft tissue grafting . Most participants place over 20 implants; amount is unlimited and dependent on your surgical skill and speed.  We provide you your own surgical assistant and operatory. 

In our immersive program, participants will receive 40 hours of  AGD/PACE approved participation credit hours in the subjects of implants, periodontology, and oral surgery.          Tuition includes: meals, hotel, ground transportation to and from the San Diego, CA. airport and hotel, and transport from hotel to/from clinic and restaurants; Participants are to pay for flights to/from San Diego Airport (SAN) and home.  Participants will stay in the safe and upscale hotel, click to view Grand Hotel Tijuana golf resort .  High-end restaurants and familiar state side food franchise are adjacent  surrounding the hotel:  Subway, Karls Jr. Burger King, Buffalo Wild Wings, Starbucks, Pizza hut etc..

2023 COURSE DATES (all are Wednesday- Sunday) :      June 14 - 18 (CLOSED) :      Aug. 2 - 6 (CLOSED)      :   Oct. 25 - 29 (CLOSED) :   Dec. 6-10 (CLOSED )                                                       To register for a  private group of 5 participants, different dates can possibly be reserved depending on Dr. Lastimado's availability. To coordinate private group training, please email [email protected], or text Ms.Trinity Lam at 972-746-6024.

DAY  2
DAY  3
DAY  4
DAY  5
7:30 AMBreakfast at hotelBreakfast at hotelBreakfast at hotelTransport to San Diego Airport
8:00 AMTransport to clinicTransport to clinicTransport to clinic
8:30 AMArrive at clinic, lecture review, Q&AArrive at clinic, lecture review, Q&AArrive at clinic, lecture review, Q&A
10:00 AMCBCT treatment plan, surgery startCBCT treatment plan, surgery startCBCT treatment plan, surgery start
12:00 PMLunch between surgeriesLunch between surgeriesLunch between surgeriesRecommended flight departure time is anytime after 12 p.m.
7:00 PMRecommended latest flight arrival time is 6pm - 7pm.End surgeryEnd surgeryEnd surgery
7:30 PM - 8 PMShuttle transport group from SAN airport to Grand Hotel          Dinner          DinnerDinner, Graduation

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