Implant Course Dentist Testimonials

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Here are a few kind written words from some of our

Live Patient Implant Training Hands-On Surgical Course participants:

"Hats off to Dr Lastimado for his energy, effort and passion about teaching implantology. He is very knowledgeable and meticulous in all aspects. Took both level 1 and intermediate implant course. Learned a lot. Had awesome experience with vertical sinus lift ( first implant case) in live patient surgery. I never thought I would do sinus lift when I first took this course but Dr Lastimado made it possible. Now, I am looking forward to doing maxillary ridge split as my second case. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is willing to learn about implants"
-Dr. Sarmilla Shrestha, DDS

"Very nice program! I found the live surgery session course to be very informative, Had a One on One with Dr. Lastimado going over the CBCT and Tx plan. Dr. Suzuki looked over my shoulder throughout the entire surgery. Very awesome experience all together working with such experienced clinicians. Definitely plan to continue taking more courses in the future.
- Dr. Sulmaan Farooqui, DDS

"Knowledgeable, patient, and most importantly, extremely passionate about teaching! That's Dr. Lastimado. He definitely has an edge and a unique ability to relate to his Dr. students in a way that will leave you absorbing the information like a sponge. Credit to his determination and vision to strive to bring to DFW and nationwide an Implant course that really helps instill the confidence and proficiency to dentists placing implants."
- Dr. Andy Davong, DDS

"This course was the best course compared to all the implant courses I have taken. Dr. Lastimado has alot of patience and knowledge. He took all my fear away."
- Dr. Helen Tran, DDS

"The Hands-On implant course allowed me to go outside my comfort zone and perform surgeries I would not do in my office until now. The staff was incredible with a Periodontist or Course director in your surgical room throughout the entire procedure. I really enjoyed my surgical experience; Dr. Lastimado showed me prior to having to perform the procedure myself. It was awesome."
- Dr. April Kaneira, DDS

"This course is very informative and intensively Hands-On. A MUST for GP's wanting to place implants."
-Dr. Lawrence Shin, DDS

"I have had the best training through this course, as a general dentist. The instructors are very patient and well versed with implant and restorative dentistry. The teaching environment is state-of-the-art. The instructors take their time to teach excellent standards of care to ensure treatment success. I will highly recommend this course to any general dentist looking to place implants in their practice."
- Dr. Harry Ashitey, DMD

"I highly recommend this implant course to all General Dentists that want to learn Hands-On implant placement and soft tissue management."
-Dr. Hanh Le, DDS

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